What is a Soft Tissue Prepper?

Within CCHN, we have many different practitioners and they all work slightly different to one another. You may or may not have noticed, that some of our senior clinicians occasionally work some shifts alongside “preppers”. But what is a “prepper”?!

A prepper is a qualified massage therapist that works together with the osteopath, providing the soft tissue massage within the treatment consult. The consult will always (except in exceptional circumstances) start with the treating osteopath taking their patient in to the room, discussing history and presenting complaint, and performing an assessment. The osteopath will then hand over to the massage prepper, who has been specifically instructed on which areas to focus the soft tissue massage. After this has been delivered, the osteopath will then re-enter the room and carry out the rest of the treatment. Many of our patients prefer these sessions as they feel that they are getting some extra targeted remedial massage on top of their usual osteopathic treatment session. And because we’ve got some amazing therapists here at CCHN, it’s not uncommon for patients to leave the appointment having booked further one-on-one massage sessions with that specific prepper because they have been left wanting more!

If you want to know which clinicians work with preppers and when, you can simply ask reception to find out!