Exercise Lab

Every human body has the inbuilt ability to be able to adapt to the physical forces it undertakes. The key to increasing the body’s capacity to undertake physical tasks is to gradually ask it to undertake more and more volume and intensity of activity. Most people we see in our practice find the difficult part is knowing where to start and what activity to do to achieve their goals. This is then made more complicated by medical conditions and injuries which require specialized skills to be able prescribe the appropriate exercise.

Our Exercise Lab is a space designed to empower you to become an independent exerciser with the support of our allied health practitioners.

We provide a pathway through assessment, supervised exercise and independent exercise sessions to lead you to improve your physical capacity. From orthopedic recovery to cardiac and respiratory conditions, diabetes, pain and cancer recovery we support you in your journey in our rehabilitation community.

Our programs are designed to ensure you successfully adhere to your prescribed exercise. Adherence can be the most difficult part when your mind and body are in the process of repair. It can be a challenging and rewarding journey to recovery and we are dedicated to ensuring you have a stimulating and inspiring place to exercise and develop your physical activity goals.

Your rehabilitation journey at Canberra City Health Network

You begin with your initial assessment with one of our practitioners.

Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist, Osteopath.

Give us a call or you can speak with your GP to decide which profession will provide your initial assessment.

We are a multidisciplinary clinic so your rehabilitation pathway may involve a combination of therapies and you will decide what is appropriate and realistic for you with our team.

We aim to remove barriers by creating your personal rehabilitation plan and we know from experience and the research evidence that every case has individual considerations. We utilize group and individual treatment sessions to give you appropriate and affordable options in your rehabilitation plan. We also work with your GP to utilize the available Medicare funding for your condition.

We provide ongoing reports and collaboration to your GP and specialists.

Our rehabilitation service is created specifically for you and your needs. That’s the beauty of our private practice Exercise Lab.

How the Exercise Lab works

The goal of the Exercise Lab is to provide our patients with a safe and supervised exercise space where they can work to achieve their personal goals, whatever those goals look like. Your goal may be to rehabilitate an injury, recover your capacity post-surgery, increase strength and physical fitness, lose weight, improve exercise endurance or simply begin your journey to being physically active.

The Exercise Lab will be supervised full time by a CCHN allied health professional, whereby patients are able to ask questions, receive helpful critique on their technique or ask for assistance with equipment. Patients are welcome to utilise our staff as much or as little as they like. We encourage our patients to use the Exericse Lab as a safe space to ensure they complete their prescribed exercise and to keep themselves accountable if that is what is needed to achieve the best results. We want all of our patients to feel confident completing all activities of daily living and when exercising, and the Exercise Lab is the perfect place to do that!

Sessions at the Exercise Lab can be booked through the same avenues as other appointments – via calling 62470733, online through the Jane website, or e-mail to enquire@canberrahealthnetwork.com.au

You are welcome to book a session before or after a standard treatment session. Your practitioner may also recommend taking you to the space during your regular appointment to teach you new exercises or check how you are progressing.

If you have any questions, call us on 62470733 to talk to a member of our wonderful and dedicated team.