Health and Well-being Workshops

We are passionate about enabling people to live their healthiest life. Our workshops are a great way to develop your personal healthy lifestyle plan. We tailor our workshops to your organisations unique needs.

Work Life Health Workshop

This workshop gathers together the evidence based healthy lifestyle recommendations and develops these into your personalized “Work Life Health” plan.

Topics covered include:

  • Components of a healthy lifestyle
  • Benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Recommendations for weekly physical activity
  • Healthy eating
  • Develop a personal plan to meet healthy lifestyle goals
  • Managing sedentary time in workplace
  • Sleep hygiene and the importance of sleep for health

How can we plan to balance our work with our home responsibilities and our exercise and healthy eating goals?

Our exercise physiologists recently delivered this workshop to Navy Heath with great feedback from the participants. This workshop is designed to give the workplace a moment away from their desk to revise the components of a healthy lifestyle and create a realistic personal plan to achieve health goals.

Gisela Sjøgaar et al. 2016; Exercise is more than medicine: The working age population’s well-being and productivity.

In this article it was reported that physical exercise training at work or home benefits the worker in terms of decreasing health risk indicators, improving physical capacity and functions as well as perceived health. Also the employer may benefit from decreased sickness absenteeism in terms of improved or maintained productivity and work ability.

An interesting component of this journal article is the idea of sickness Presenteeism when members of the workplace present to work but are experiencing health issues and are having difficulty being productive.

If you would like a workshop for your workplace contact us and we can tailor a package to suit your needs.  We can also run group exercise classes for your team.