Designed to create a fun environment where everyone is working towards their own goals. With classes up to 6 people at a time. You will receive your own personalised program after having an initial consultation with one of our Exercise Physiologists.

Strength for Life:

Class for over 50’s run in our Exercise Lab, involves personalised programs written after you do an Initial Consultation with our EP’s. With up to 12 people in the class at a time it is a great environment to get strong and fit for the future.

Beat it:

Run by the NDSS and facilitated out of our exercise lab, the Beat It – Diabetes program is a fantastic group class which involves 8 weeks of exercise, twice weekly, with 6 weekly education sessions provided as well. This program is government subsidised so is free of cost, however you must be a diagnosed diabetic to join. More information here:


The GLA:D Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis program is a group class run for individuals who have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in their hip or knee. This class of up to 6 people will involve 6 weeks of exercise sessions, with 2 sessions of education mixed in to improve physical strength, biomechanics and knowledge surrounding Osteoarthritis for the future.