Cupping is a form of myofascial release, often used in conjunction with soft tissue massage and other techniques within a treatment session.

The therapy involves the application of cups (usually glass or silicone) onto the skin surface, creating a suction effect by the removal of the air within the cup.  The cups are then either left on a targeted area, or they can be moved along or around the affected tissues.  The suction created within the cup allows the lifting and separation of soft tissue layers.  This stretches the area and causes increased blood flow which in turn helps to nourish and deliver oxygen to the tissues, encouraging the healing process with the therapeutic aim of removing congestion and pain.

Myofascial cupping can sometimes leave bruise-like marks on the treated tissues. These marks are from increasing the circulation and are rarely painful.

Traditional cupping dates back in history and was practiced by numerous ancient cultures but had a resurgence in 2005 with Hollywood celebrities displaying their cupping marks at film festivals and movie premieres, and more recently with swimmer Michael Phelps at the 2016 Rio Olympics Games.

Practitioners at Canberra City Health Network regularly incorporate myofascial cupping into their treatments. If you require any additional information, or would like to experience a cupping treatment please contact our friendly reception staff.