Student Placement Program

All our professionals at Canberra City Health Network (CCHN) are enthusiastic about contributing to the education of the next generation of allied health professionals. We find many benefits in strengthening the knowledge shared by our team. It not only keeps us up-to-date with changes in the pre-professional curricula but also ultimately improves the quality of patient care and the growth of our professionals.

Our aim for education programs at CCHN is twofold. To offer our highly reputable clinical education programs to enrolled Australian and international students while leading research into clinical education undertaken in private practice.

Our clinical education programs are led by fully qualified educators and offered to enrolled Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Nutritionists and Massage Therapists.

What is the Student Placement program (4th year onwards)?

  • Individualised program structured around a personal learning plan delivered and overseen by our clinical educators
  • Opportunity to observe 30+ clinicians of multi-disciplinary backgrounds
  • Development of reflective practice strategies
  • Engagement in relevant in-house tutorials
  • Access to private practice over four locations treating over 600 patients per week
  • A Mentor will be assigned to your adventure
  • Opportunity for ongoing mentoring
  • Hands on approach to learning
  • The clinical education training programs offered by CCHN reflect best practice in clinical education.
  • Opportunity to explore the scope of practice, clinical procedures and clinical reasoning of the different health professions.
  • Learn about inter-professional health care and clinic management.

To read more on the CCHN philosophy on enhancing continual learning, especially as a soon to be new graduate of osteopathy, please read this research article by Dr Keri Moore, osteopath, and former CCHN Principal Dr BJ Field, osteopath:  Enhancing clinical education in the private practice setting: A case study in osteopathy. International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine.

Please read our commitment to you, our patients and staff in our research developed with the Department of Health and ANU focusing on keeping allied health open during a pandemic: ANU HHRI_Findings_Factsheet_FINAL

You can print our Student Placement flyer here: CCHN_DL_StudentPlacement

Where to after the Student Placement Program check out our New Graduate Program to continue your journey to a career in allied health.