New Graduate Program

Canberra City Health Network, comprises a team of over 30 clinicians delivering osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage therapy, exercise physiology, dietetics providing allied health treatments to over 600 patients per week. CCHN is proudly partnered with InterHealthcare (IHC). IHC supports over 70 allied health practice partners and over 400 allied health professionals across Australia making IHC one of the biggest allied health networks in Australia.

We genuinely care – All our clinicians take pride in being a team of like-minded empathetic health professionals who all genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of our patients and our staff. We feel honoured and excited about the role we can play in helping our patients achieve better health outcomes.

Underpinning everything we do is the strong belief that going the extra mile to give our patients and staff the best experience is a true point of difference.

What is the graduate program (1-2 years with CCHN)?

  • 20+ inhouse tutorials aimed at transition to practice, manual techniques and patient management.
  • 3 modules “Graduate Mentoring Program” a 10-week course of one hour/week with a psychologist and other senior clinicians
    • Module 1 – Healthy Workplace Culture – Definitions, workplace relationships, mentoring and self-reflective practices
    • Module 2 – Mental Health – Understanding, language and effective conversations
    • Module 3 – Practitioner Lifestyle and Wellbeing – Influence of practitioner health, tuning to health, practical strategies for the workplace and home
  • Ongoing group mentoring sessions with the practice principal
  • Regular one on one mentoring with senior clinician
  • Modality specific mentoring
  • Open door policy and second opinion policy
  • Structured two-week induction program
  • Regular debriefing opportunities with reflection journals
  • Opportunity to work across different locations in an established multi-disciplinary allied health practice
  • we offer feedback on your clinical skills, clinical reasoning and decision-making
  • CPD pathways into areas of interest and expertise across our network

To read more on the CCHN philosophy on enhancing continual learning, especially as a soon to be new graduate of osteopathy, please read this research article by Dr Keri Moore, osteopath, and former CCHN Principal Dr BJ Field, osteopath: Enhancing clinical education in the private practice setting: A case study in osteopathy. International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine.

Please read our commitment to you, our patients and staff in our research developed with the Department of Health and ANU focusing on keeping allied health open during a pandemic: ANU HHRI_Findings_Factsheet_FINAL