Festive Fitness – Surviving the Christmas Crunch

As the holiday and festival periods creep closer we enter a busy time in the year, where work deadlines need to be met, holiday travels are being planned, and you are busy frantically trying to get your Christmas shopping done. Not all of us prioritise our health and exercise because we feel there isn’t enough time in the day to do so.

The important thing to understand is that something is better than nothing and that although your schedules and free time may fluctuate in the final weeks of the year, you can still make time to exercise and stay healthy and happy around the Holiday period.

Planning is important. Write down on a weekly planner your requirements/commitments for the week following and then identify within your schedule where you can fit in some exercise. You do not need to do your whole exercise bout in a 30–45-minute timeslot. If you are time poor, breaking that down in to 10-15 minutes blocks, and repeating that 2-3 times throughout the day might work better for you.

If you do struggle with committing to structured exercise, that is okay! Positive self-talk, setting a Plan B in case things come up, committing to exercise with a friend, and repetition of a good practice, are all key components of sticking to an exercise routine. If you do have any doubts, or would like to have a supportive, constructive appointment, book in one of our Exercise Physiologists for a consultation. We offer semi-supervised classes, 1:1 strength and conditioning sessions, and private consultations to help you reach your goals.