This recipe can be modified as needed. Double (or triple it!) for more people, or to be frozen and reheated later on.

What I love about this recipe is that it is so versatile – you don’t need to follow it to the letter – use what veggies you have in the fridge, or swap in frozen ones – omit the chicken if you prefer a vegetarian option.

Share with friends around the fire pit – it’s so yummy even the most discerning taste buds will be asking for seconds! Enjoy!

Chicken & Brown Rice

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 45 minutes

Makes 4 servings.

1 ½ tsp olive oil
500g chicken breast
2 large carrots, diced
2 celery stalk, diced
1/2 leek, thinly sliced
1/3 cup brown rice
2 tsp thyme
400g (1 tin) diced tomatoes
6 cups low-salt chicken stock

  1. Heat olive oil in medium saucepan. Add chicken and saute until cooked. Transfer chicken to a plate and set it aside to cool. (If you’re using cooked chicken, skip this step.)
  2. Add carrot, celery, and leek to saucepan. Saute about 3 minutes, then stir in brown rice and thyme. Cook 5 minutes longer, stirring occasionally. When chicken is cool, chop into pieces and add to saucepan.
  3. Add tomatoes and chicken stock. Bring to a boil, then lower heat and simmer 25 to 30 minutes, until rice is cooked. Add salt and pepper to taste, and serve.

Per serving: 220 cal, 5.8 g fat (1.4 g sat), 24 g carbs, 251 mg sodium, 3 g fibre, 21 g protein